Monday 12 July 1999

Pic of the day: Another Sleepless Knight...
Found this screenshot on ye olde computer, obviously I wanted to preserve a kodak moment with my young Daggerfall character some two or three years ago ... If I remember correctly, this is Solgard, who used to live in the Wrothgarian Mountains until he moved south. I wrote a few chapters of fantasy fiction around that character. Oh well. To be honest, I went for this pic because of the old, tired, awful pun of the sleepless knight.

One may protest that this character seems to be grinning too broadly for the caption. Not so sure, since I was complimented on my happy smile as I came to work today after two hours of sleep...

I don't suffer from insomnia. I do however have a couple other sleep- related health problems. Basically these kick in if I go to sleep too early or rise too early, so the solution is fairly obvious.

Today, however, I did not have the opportunity to sleep in. Seven coworkers were returning from vacation, and they would not get anything done until I could help them log on to the new machine and set printers and such. Furthermore, based on prior experience, they might panic. So I set my clock to wake me wake me at 6:20, which should get me to town before they were finished with the morning coffee. Note to self: Go to bed early and hope for the best.

At the estimated bedtime I was far from sleepy. I decided for a little reading. After I mentioned the comic book miniseries WATCHMEN in yesterday's entry, I actually got an e-mail (yay!) with some new information about that old series. Highly appreciated. So what was more natural than leafing a little through those old leaflets? They were still lying there in the corridor. I took them into the bedroom and sat down on my bed for a quick glance. And suddenly it was, like, 4 in the night. I had been watching the Watchmen instead of my watch. Ouch.

It was a very tired day at work. That's what you get for being a nite owl!


Another predictable effect of missing sleep is that I get horny. I don't really see the logic in that, but it's a sure thing. The slightest touch, and whamm: The old body is ready for action. I still think that the Christian Coalition or someone should sponsor the research into some kind of anti-Viagra. Not all of us can stay in a cloister, y'know. Or get married, I guess.


In very, very unrelated news, I finally phoned my friend the Supergirl in Munich again. It's been quite a while, and I was a bit worried that perhaps she didn't like me any more. I am like that: My expectations gradually decline over time. I'm sort of used to the thought, that time will wear any friendship down pretty quickly unless it is constantly being rebuilt. But she sounded like she'd been having a good time. A too good time if anything ... exam panic was evidently setting in, with several big tests throughout the rest of the month. Anyway, it turned out that she had believed that I was in Oslo, due to a misunderstanding. I am supposed to be there a couple of times in August, not in July, as I had accidentally made her believe.

In other news, her tremendously cute female relative had got a quite good feedback on her thesis (which I have babbled about this spring) and also slimmed down quite a bit. Not that she'll die from that exactly, but there's bound to have gone some good parts too. (*sigh*) Hmm, perhaps not the ideal day for reflecting on that.

(By sheer coincidence, this journal entry abruptly ends here.)

Workplace music of the day: Love to love you by The Corrs. Again. Sorry about that. I do this with chewing gum too. Just keep on until there is almost no taste left.


Actually, of the seven coworkers expected to return from vacation today, only four showed up. The weather is incredibly good right now.


Reading this evening: The Annotated Watchmen. This too will pass, trust me.

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