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Thursday 14 July 2005

Screenshot anime Mahou Sensei Negima

Pic of the day: Somehow I'm pretty sure this will never happen to Harry Potter. Then again, I suppose underage wizards with staves may be more likely than underage wizards with wands to accidentally erase panties. Or it could just be a difference between Japan and Britain.


This weekend, the 6th Harry Potter book will be in the shops: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. And I have still not bought the fifth, the one with the Phoenix.

I bought the first four and enjoyed them. I even bought the fourth in hardcover, which is exceedingly rare for me to do, and I did it just because it was available in hardcover first, at least here. It's not like I actually read books over and over, except I did with the Bible, and that was ironically because I was interested in it, not to do the author a favor. I am not going to do Rowling a favor either. If I don't grow more interested in Harry Potter than I am now, I'll wait for the super cheap sale, or die trying. A real possibility, as I don't think it will be in the crate sale until long after the last book is out.

If J.K. Rowling is anything like Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time, the lure of money and fame will keep her from actually completing the series with the seventh book as projected. Instead she will write a book about each week of the last year. ^^ Of course, she might have more integrity or a harsher publisher. But I'll believe that when I see it. Money is the only entity that the Bible sets up as a real competitor to God, after all. Not Satan, but Mammon, which roughly translates as "capital". But enough about that.

If Draco Malfoy has died or fallen in love with Harry in one of these two books, please mail me, and I'll order my own copy. Otherwise, I think I'll wait till it is in the crate sale or I can get it as e-book, or die trying. It is not one of those things I'll regret not having done when I am on my deathbed, I think.

Then again, I do a lot of things I'm pretty sure I *will* regret if I even get a deathbed. Just not the ones I would regret very deeply. I mean, I'm probably going to regret playing City of Heroes all day, but not as much as I would regret getting drunk and knifing down some of my fellow citizens. To me, Harry Potter is in line with the first of these, but I understand that some of my fellow Christians think it is more like the second. Then again, I may be wrong. Perhaps they hate CoH with the same passion. After all, you CAN play a hero with a magic bacground. I would not be surprised if I see a few "Hairy Pattern" etc running through the streets of Paragon City starting this weekend...

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