Coded green.

Wednesday 6 July 2005

White foxglove

Pic of the day: Yes, this foxglove plant was actually white. I have also seen pink ones in the area, probably crossbreeds. They are rare, though. Most are bright red.

Fast forward

Because catching up is hard to do. My wrist and arm do hurt again, despite all the macros in Sims2. When I walk, they get better. But a while after I cool down, they get worse again. If anything, worse than before the walk. Strange. It seems to be always like that.

I am still slowly losing weight without further lifestyle changes. It is just a couple kilograms each month (each kg is about two pounds) so it is barely visible. Also I expect it to stabilize at a lower level. The less fat, the less work it is to lug it around, meaning I get less exercise for the same mileage.

I was home sick yesterday and today. I was also home sick last Thursday and Friday, but not from the same sickness. That was the foot, this was the (not so) great intestine.

And summer has come to Norway, a bit later than usual.

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