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Saturday 2 July 2005

Screenshot anime Narue no Sekai

Pic of the day: As requested, 1 picture of a woman's butt! Hey, I didn't say it would be a photo, or that there wouldn't be clothes, or that the woman would be over 14 years old. ^^ (Evidently that is the national age of consent in Japan, although pretty much all prefectures have a higher.) Anyway, it seems to get the attention of the young teen boy in the anime Narue's World - Narue no Sekai. I guess life really is simpler when you are 14, although it doesn't feel like it...

Referrals day

Even with macros in The Sims 2, my arm is still bothering me these days. Thus, instead of an entry today, enjoy a random day's referrals from the search engines which access the Chaos Node. No, I don't know who these people are. We should probably all be glad for that.

2 anime boys
2 anime hospital
2 american node boys
1 naked outside
1 hairy breasts
1 stop level daoc /level command
1 averages are lies
1 pictures of women's butts
1 super user
1 anime dears
1 nasal fungus pic
1 misandrogynist
1 midori no hibi
1 superuser
1 anime nudity

Incidentally, since so few people use the word "misandrogynist", it is someone who dislikes androgynous people, that is: people who combine male and female traits. Although it could be construed to mean "dislikes both men and women".

As for the fellow who came all the way to my site to see "pictures of women's butts" (probably to no avail since the few pics I have are not marked as such), I shudder to think how many hundreds (or probably thousands) of sites he must have gone through if he started on top of his google search. It goes to show that there is a fine line between perseverance and sheer madness. If there is a line at all. I can only ass-u-me that some people read "chaos node" as "chaos nude". Harsh, man. Harsh. A node is a local center that connects things, in this case chaotically.

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