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Freeday 6 July 2001

Portrait in shadow

Pic of the day: So dark ... and me who am afraid of the dark ...

Unwise decisions

I guess it wasn't such a great idea after all to start testing out my new Daggerfall character half past ten in the night. You see, as I've mentioned before, Daggerfall is a kind of scary role playing game. Well, it should not be, since it is just a game, and the graphics really do give that away. They are a bit dated, and all. But there is just so much atmosphere. So sooner or later, it starts to seep into me. I start to hear some faint sound that I can't say if it comes from the game or somewhere in the house ... time to save & exit.

It doesn't exactly help that from my early childhood on, I've been afraid of the dark. I vaguely remember my older brothers (or perhaps it was just one of them) scaring me in the dark, but it would probably not been much fun if I were not already afraid of the dark. And of uncle. But that's another story.

As an adult I know that the most dangerous things that lurk in the darkness are those that lurk in the darkness within, in the hidden recesses of the soul, behind the closed and locked hidden doors. Still, I feel uncomfortable sometimes when the light is gone. And late-night RPGs don't exactly help...


Good excuse to buy a new shirt: I spilled milk on the one I was wearing, and the clothes shop is right across the street. They even had some left after the great sale on Trade Day, though very few. "Løkka" is a really popular place during sales. Even so, I found a nice shirt and not too expensive anymore, ca $30 for a good quality shirt. I returned in triumph to my office ... and found this T-shirt, which is much better suited to the temperature now. It must have been lying there since last year, camouflaged as trousers.

OK, I really could not help doing that, unless I'd looked more closely before rushing out to buy. Then again, "rushing out" is rather descriptive here ... An excuse! Finally a real live excuse! I feel like quoting from a song by Chris de Burgh: "Hallelujah, temptation is here!" Ahem. Your temptations may vary. In fact, they almost certainly do.


Temptations do vary indeed. As the heat drags on, the women wear more and more "temptative" clothing; that is to say, often as not they wear less and less clothing at all, but even when not, it is less and less better than nothing. I fail to see the logic in that: I mean, I can see why people would wear less clothes in the heat, but why more form fitting clothes? That seems truly counterproductive. But that's their decision to make, not mine.

Of course, there has also been a full moon just about now. This does not generally help, either. But strangely enough, I feel more remote from the impulses of the reproductive system than usual. After the last bad dream, it's kind of faded. Perhaps I am just shocked at myself. Which, knowing other people, I probably shouldn't be.

Then again, most people don't reveal their shameful secrets online. I have wondered lately if I have been taking this too far. Given the hypocricy that dominates most people, my readers' imagination must really soar if they believe that I only reveal the most praiseworthy parts of my own life, like most people would have done. Heh. Heh. We wish you a pleasant flight, reader imagination.

I was preparing an entry to kind of brush up the bad image from my declaration of independence - I am not really such a cold fish - but while typing on my Cassiopeia, the batteries suddenly ran out again. And I had still not recharged the reserve batteries. I'd just waited, and of course when I needed the battery it was flat. Unwise decisions again. I tend to postpone small things like that ... recharging batteries, re-attaching buttons, de-icing the fridge. Until something forces me to do it. Instead of, say, playing Daggerfall. Ahem.

At least now I've been writing so long that I have largely forgotten the game. But now I am too tired to write e-mail ... Tomorrow, tomorrow, but not today!

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