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Monday 3 July 2000


Pic of the day: Sunset. Already.

One of those days

This was one of those days. OK, I got less sleep than what is good for me, but I slept longer yesterday so I guess it was not that bad. I got up at a decent time, since I'm now back to working full time after a week and a half on half time. (Half time suited me much better, but that was just a test.) Anyway, when I should go to work, I stuck my hand in my pocket to grab the door key. No door key. It was one of those days.

Now, me without my front door key is highly unusual. Wherever I go, I keep the key in the same pocket. The main exceptions would be when there is no such pocket, such as on my pajamas. But that's another story. This time, I knew when I had used the key last. (I am not that old, yet.) I had worn the black super fleece trousers and I remembered locking up the front door. That was the last thing I remembered about the key. I looked in the lock, of course, and on the ground, though I would not do that, leave a key in the lock. Not yet. I looked in the pockets, all the pockets, of my trousers and the black trousers and the jacket that I hadn't used for several days. The bus was gone. This was obviously one of those days.

I searched the floor, I searched in the plastic bags with less used CDs (the more used CD are either near the stereo or in the CD rack, a present from SuperWoman's family. I was happy with bags, of course). The CD bags were near where I had laid the trousers after I took them off. (Hey, it was hot.) Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I started to make plans. I started to think "locksmith". Stuff like that. The key was in one of the two old, shabby chairs. It just lay there, silently. I found it in time for the next bus, one hour later.


I think I have told you one of the stranger side effects on me from too little sleep. Sure enough, the women in town looked wonderful. They probably were, too. The summer has finally come - much delayed - and people dress accordingly. Gone are the long and wide jackets. Well, I guess it could have been worse. Unlike sometimes in my youth, I did not embarass myself by physical changes, loss of mobility etc. Wish I could say it's due to my piety, but it's probably just age that is catching up with me. Good for something, then.

Late in the workday, when I momentarily fell asleep at my desk, I understood that it was time to get some Pepsi. Actually the trip to the shop was quite enough to clear my head, and I drank only half a glass of the black water. Which is probably a good thing. I also ate some cake, and was fed for the entire evening. Apart from a little soda, I haven't been hungry for the rest of the day.

Did you know: Cakes are just packed with fat? Cakes are way fatter than pizza, for instance, and hamburgers (with mayo) are no match. Fries beat them all, though. Or as we say, that takes the cake. (Not sure if other languages have this expression. When something is over the top, we say that it takes the cake.) No connection to the French queen, I am sure, who was told that the people lacked bread. She recommended they eat cake. She really got a point there. Cakes are stuffed with calories that the working class at the time could really need. In fact, cakes seem to be optimized to pack as much calories as possible into a piece of food and still keep it edible: They contain not just copious amounts of fat, but also sugar and some easy-to-digest starches. But I only ate small pieces. Three small pieces of cake. Oops, now I suddenly feel hungry again. Then again, it is soon midnight.


Another side effect of too little sleep, I guess: My gums are hurting. The stuff around the base of the teeth, not chewing gum. Well, they are not chewing gums yet! The teeth do well enough, but there is this chronic infection which probably hangs out at the root of a few teeth, and expands when I'm out of shape like now. It expands up into the sinus, down into the gums, and sometimes to the throat. Antibiotics would stop it, presumably, but it rarely grows so drastic. I guess I should hit they hay a bit earlier, though. I feel shabby enough to do that tonight.

On the bright side, I slept most of the bus trip home. :)

Nothing really fascinating happened today, I think. Or if it did, I am too sleepy to remember. Oh yes. Wait. I've bought old superhero comics, from the early 1980es. Cheap. Superman and the JLA people. Green Arrow, the real Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, of course) and not least Wonder Woman.

What fascinates me is that the stories about Wonder Woman dealt not just with her being superhero, but relationship issues and emotional stuff. There is some of it in the other series of that time too, they are quite sensitive (and also ecologically correct) but WW is in a class of her own. Presumably because she's a woman. (Well, actually a clay figure brought to life, but that's a technicality. She has breastesses and therefore she is a woman, and therefore she has relationship issues and is sensitive.) That's it.

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