Monday 18 January 1999

Old clothes

Pic of the day: Found this old shirt and old vest in two of the rarely touched piles. Guess this is how I looked before! Except I probably looked younger. :)

Meanwhile, at work, the x-files are still missing, so I can't get the system ready. We did get a new harddisk in, though, and unofficial news that we're gonna change the server for a new database server and a new network server, and become the sole server for all our offices in the province. I am not enchanted, though with my current position I stand to become high priest for a heap of new people. Ah, the power! The glory! The peevish phone calls from ignorant users! The same housewife pay! Because, since we're by law without competition, the quality of human resources matter not a whit. As long as they don't starve, don't pay them more. Well, I guess the pay's just great by Burundi standard, but here in Norway it has managed to accumulate a LOT of housewives in the same layer of management where I am. Good thing we're not actually required to work ...

The mild weather continues. Thanks to all of you who let your engines run for no good reason and use poor insulation in your homes. Know that there is at least one person who appreciates your extra costs.

Echinacea extract seems to be a good food supplement, by all reports. Of course, it would have helped if it did not sound like some utterly disgusting lowlife squidgy squiggly animal. Have any of you tried it yet?

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