Saturday 16 January 1999


Today I finally found a way to stop my Dogz program from crashing every few minutes. I disabled the sound. This bites, since they all have their distinct sound that changes when they grow older. Shaun, the Great Dane, in particular has a very entertaining soundscape at his current age. But at least I can get time to feed them all and play with them all without having to reboot the computer every 3 minutes. I finally got an Old English Sheepdogz, I have had trouble downloading that one but after P.F.Magic restructured their site, it came through nicely. Rufsus is fluffy, pacifist and lazy. And he makes Shaun go hyper. After I let them out together, Shaun have been running around like he's on high octane, spraying flea spray all over both of them and generally running in circles.

The heat wave seems to have passed, and there is still some snow left. I did not get to photo it in daylight, though. I went to bed somewhat late (ca 04) and slept till well over noon. Dreams tend to become more and more weird the longer you sleep. The last dream featured me as a very young girl, barely more than a child. Near the start of the dream I was telepathically bonded to the evil overlord Magneto (whom I trust you know by now) and sent into the newly deserted ruins of some city. From time to time the overlord would intrude on my consciousness and demand a report of what I had gleaned.
In other news, yesterday I called my young female friend in München (Munich) and got a full report of her birthday and whatever else was new since she came back a week ago.
Nice try, subconscious. Very subtle, or so you thought. You're losing your edge, did you know that? You're growing old. Better luck next time!

After finally getting on my feet, drinking a glass of chokomilk and reading through the email, I went to town to my workplace. Of course, the files had not arrived. I was not at all surprised. But I would have felt somewhat bad if I came on Monday and the files had been waiting for me, and my coworkers were to be delayed just because of me. Not that they're doing anything important in the grand scale of things, but they would still be very stressed. Now they are still delayed and stressed, but not because of me. So, since the day was flawed anyway, I just made a quick fix for some problem with our inter-office e-mail system, then played with the workDogz before I went home. Oh, and ate a slice of pizza. I could probably have more money left as a pensioneer, since I would then not spend my day a few steps from the best pizza on the entire south coast. :)

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