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Tuesday 25 December 2001

Landscape with snow and houses

Pic of the day: Nice enough day, shame about the use of it.

Nothing day

This was one of those days after, or before, or inbetween. Nothing really happened. Eating, talking, taking a walk, things not worth talking about. The baby broke another dinner plate. My younger friends tried to get a bit drunk in the evening, but even this did not lead to anything interesting. It was one of those days that are predestined to be dull.

It was a complete waste of daylight, and I'm ashamed of myself for killing these hours and giving nothing back.

At least I heard a couple of songs that I liked, and so I have an idea of two CDs to buy if I come home. One song was about solitaire, or rather about some guy who played solitaire while life went on around him. I didn't quite get it, but it sounded interesting, and the melody was nifty. The other was another human-worship song, about drowning in someone's love, with Backstreet Boys. I thought those guys were just ridiculous, but the melody was actually good. Combined with the text it sounded kinda hymn-like. I loved it. I'm not sure how lasting value it has. I kinda like love songs, even though I obviously have no idea about human love. I don't even know for sure whether it exists, or is just a collective delusion. But that's a topic for a day when my mind is more clear, if ever.

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