Tuesday 17 August 1999

Pic of the day: This picture, taken a kilometer or so from my home, shows the curious mix between the urban and the rural. This modern road passes through dense suburb, rural grain fields and sheer wilderness ... all in a matter of a few hundred meters.

Also, I liked the clouds.


Today I got the tickets for the upcoming business trip. Or rather, not exactly.

The procedure is as follows: We fill in a form a week or so before we are to make business travel. The form is sent to the province office, and they look up train tables and such. They then order the tickets etc from Bennet Business Travel International. Bennet then sends the travel documents to the traveler, with no rebate of any kind and a fat fee for themselves.

As if this wasn't moronic enough, they managed to send me two train reservations and a one-way ticket. I was sort of ticked off, and called our province office and talked to the travel coordinator. She was nice enough and promised to call back. Unsurprisingly, I have heard nothing from her so far. The trip doesn't start until tomorrow night anyway.

I must admit that I was slightly angered. Not because the travel agents were unable to perform the simple, childlike task of getting the required tickets after the time and distance and mode of travel were given to them. Even I make impressively stupid errors once in a while, and the average human has inherited a lot less mental luggage space. Things like these are bound to happen, and at least no one was physically harmed. My anger was not against the poor clerk, who probably performed his thankless task on Monday morning before the necessary amount of caffeine was absorbed. No, I am angry at myself for going with the system when it was obvious that the system was stupid.

I readily admit to laziness, but preferably physical. I am more ashamed of intellectual laziness, and most of all moral laziness. This was both of these. I should have gone and fetched my own train tickets and reservations. I know well enough how to get to and from Oslo, as regular readers may know. I just didn't. *bonk self*


In other news from Norway's south coast, a 28 year old man was recently attempted raped by a dolphin. The man and a friend were playing with the visiting dolphin in the water. After some minutes the dolphin surprisingly inserted his reproductive organ between the man's skin and his boxer shorts, which were then pulled down to the knees before the guy got away and hastily retreated into the boat.

This gives a whole new dimension to Enigma's beautiful lyrics: "Man is the dream of the dolphin..."

Today I ate fries for dinner. This does not happen every month.

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