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Wednesday 16 August 2000


Pic of the day: Boxer shorts everywhere. On chairs, doors ... It's the great boxer shorts day at the Chaos Node.

Boxer shorts day

As the panic subsides, things go back to normal at the Chaos Node. And the normal for the day before a travel is Boxer Shorts Day. Washing as many boxer shorts as I can possibly find. Since they do wear out over time, I also bought four new ones. There was a sale on 4 boxer shorts, I virtually got one free. And you know, if it's one thing a man needs as sure as he lives, it would be boxer shorts. Lot of them. Never leave home without them. Especially in the winter. Even for us gentiles.

Anyway, even in summer, you can't go wrong with boxers. They're comfortable, they're cute, they're affordable. And you can get them in any color. Just buy white and wash them with your new clothes. That's how I got my yellow and my pink ones.

Of course, there's not supposed to be new clothes here for a while. I've become, like, socially conscious. Yes. That's it. I've begun to think about how very wrong it is for me to wallow in new clothes and stuff while half the world is going naked. No, wait, they're going hungry. And it's not half the world either. But I bet half the world is going without Marlboro Classics. And besides, the wardrobe was getting very hard to close.

Sometimes I think even my best friend doesn't understand me. I mean, I told her about my decision to stop living in luxury and stuff. She was very sympathetic and comforted me. Like, verbally. She told me I wasn't really living in luxury, that I was really a fairly good human. And then she added: "I guess this means there will be more for me?"

Actually, that's her kind of humor. No wonder I love her. Wasn't that Aristotle who said that lasting friendship can only exist between good people? If so, I guess I can't be all bad. Either that, or she's gonna kick my donkey any day now. (Then again, Aristotle's been dead a while now, and besides, he thought that the moon was shining because it was the nature of heavenly things to shine.)


So, yes, in case this is not obvious: If I'm still alive and mobile, I'm taking the train tomorrow to see my best friend. I've got tickets. I've even got tickets back. I bought the retour a week and half an hour before departure, so I got it at reduced price. (Of course, that means I can't get it changed, or get a refund, so I better be able to travel at that time.)

And what's with the neurosis about clean underwear when I'm travelling? Well, that's another story already. On the bright side of this coin, I could really need some extra sleep. I sleep typically six and a half hours each night lately, sometimes less. And there's simply too much happening during the day. No wonder my health meter is sliding slowly towards "empty", particularly in every aspect where there is a brain involved.

Take today, for instance. I got home and sat down to play Civilizaton, but I was quite tired. And horny - it must be full moon again - but there's not much I could do about that in my current condition anyway. So I went to nap in my double-sized bed. I quickly fell asleep. And quickly woke again, as my washing machine started to make a lot of noise. I guess it really needs to go like that to get the water out of the textiles. And I guess I really should not have stashed a lot of stuff on it that was likely to jump to the floor when the thing started trashing about.

So, all in all, I look forward to a few hours of sleep on the train. I intend to bring some boring book or magazine, and probably my minidisc player. But likely as not it won't make a difference. Unless there's some evident danger, or something really fascinating going on, I'm likely to sleep much of the trip. I usually do that.


But right now, I'm marvelling at the fact that there must be someone else in Norway who has been reading Everything Jake, yet another freee! online comic in the indomitable Keenspot stall. (Not sure what indomitable means, but it sure looks good here.) How do I know? Have I found a link? Nope, no such luck. What happened was that the series loaded so sloooowly that, on a whim, I enabled and would you look at it? suddenly the thing was just rushing. I can only think of one good explanation: Someone in Norway has been reading it before me. Wow. It's a small world, huh? Or at least a small country.

Incidentally, the comic is well drawn, though it lacks the emotional depth of Roomies.

Oh, and! I must not forget to whine. Just because I don't have a panic attack now doesn't mean I'm OK! Oh no. Starting from the top, I have a headache, congested sinuses, my right shoulder and chest muscles are stiff, my stomach hurts, and you really don't want to know this so I'll skip that, and there's a rash on my leg. The feet are allright tonight, though. So far.

Yeah. Love you too. And you'll find out if I'm still alive simply by watching this space. My updates may happen at strange times of the day during my 5 day "vacation", or possibly even the day after. But it would take a lot to stop me. Because I love this and I mean for it to be till death do us part. Well, on my part.

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