Tuesday 27 April 1999

Spring leaves

Pic of the day: Spring came while I was at work. I came home and it had already run away into summer. I decided to grab my digicam and try to catch its tail end with a few photos. This was my pick of the litter.
Speaking of tail ends, while I was outdoors taking pictures, there was also one of the neighborhood ladies, picking spring flowers (rare as those still are). Her trousers were also more brightly colored than the flowers. I did stick with the leaves, though.

Another sign of spring is the russ, students celebrating their imminent exit from high school (or occasionally other schools) by wearing colored uniforms or (rarely) nothing at all while doing stupid things. The local stunts include very temporarily undressing in the main street, riding the local bronze horse, or traversing much of the (car free) main street on hands and knees, preferably also biting someone's leg along the way. I guess I ought to take the camera with me to town sometimes.

While I lean heavily towards the heterosexual side of things, I must admit that there is one particular male that I think is pretty sexy. Unsurprisingly, this person happens to be me. I'm not at all sure how widespread this attitude is, though...

On a totally unrelated note, I visited my formerly trusty old comic book importer today. There's been literally months since I've got my fix of American superhero comics, probably due to this guy being very very broke. I've recently ordered some essential titles elsewhere, as I've mentioned. This time however I bought some comics he had kept taking in while he still could, and which I've not subscribed to before. The comic is called Savage Dragon, and despite the name it is a fairly traditional superhero book (not oriental at all) with a slant toward subtle humor inbetween the obligatory overdone violence. I was pleasantly surprised.

My wrist has still not quite recovered. It's good enough for most everyday use, but typing hurts a bit. Mousing hurts more. Funny factoid: When I try to use the left hand for mousing, the muscles in the right hand automatically mimic or rather subtly perform the actions they should have done if I had used the right hand. So I still get some of the pain, even though my hand is actually resting. A more helpful approach is to keep my right hand active with some mindless task (such as clutching a piece of textile) while I mouse with my left.

Oh my, it's barely midnight and I'm so tired I could fall asleep!

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