Thursday 22 April 1999


There will presumably be no entries this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Pic of the day: Alik'r Desert, screenshot from the game Daggerfall.
My weak little bard character finally advanced to Enchanter in the Mages Guild, right there in Alik'ra. At level 3, that's very early. Now starts his double life: In his day-to-day clothes he's just a travelling minstrel; but as he puts on his magic costume, he's transformed into a superhero, able to dodge arrows and blows and strike with his bare hands harder than the best of warhammers. Of course, everything has its price: The costume attracts the ire not only of the criminal societies, but also of the evil supernatural beings called Daedra. Furthermore, the costume itself will eat away on his life energies if left on for too long ...
Too bad I can't draw a horse differently from a cow, or I'd tried my hand at making comics. Oh well. We can't all excel in everything. :)

As I was walking to the bus today, the cramps and pain set in and I had to return to home. Another day with no pay. Not that I'm gonna starve any time soon, but it's slightly irritating. Especially since my right wrist hurts so I can't write and play as much as I'd otherwise do. I did sleep a bit, though, and the pain gradually receded. Sometime late in the afternoon it was gone. I hope it stays away, because tomorrow I sail for the kingdom of Oppegaard. Well, actually I thought to take a train in the afternoon, which should have me in Oslo sometime late in the evening, and hopefully I'll meet with Supergirl and her family before midnight.

At least my wrist isn't as bad as one of my coworkers'. She has weeks of sick leave (paid, luckily) and her arm is swollen and bandaged. If I understand this right, her husband got a home PC as part of some arrangement with his employers. Thanks to some unclear deal of tax excemption, companies are buying PCs to their employers and Internet subscription too, for the stated reason that employers shall acquire skills useful for their workplace. Of course, most of them will just play games or surf the Internet randomly, at best they will write birthday songs in Word 97.
Not many weeks ago, as I was sitting a bit into the afternoon, I talked with the beautiful lady who cleans our floors and such. She was not pleased that she did not get a free computer too. I can sort of understand that, given how the things are actually used. Then again, I haven't got a free computer either, and I'm a software instructor for the gang. (Among other things.)

I guess I ought to pack my rucksack for the journey, or go to sleep, or both of the above. I expect to be back Monday morning. Hush now, butterflies, fly away. It's not like I'm going to war, or school.

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