Good Friday 2 April 1999


Pic of the day: Hot and cold (running thoughts).

Well, it's Good Friday (or Long Friday, as we Norwegians tend to say). Given that practically all of you assume yourself to have at least tourist level knowledge of Christianity, you probably know that this is the day where Christians lament the quite temporary death of our junior God, right? Because right before the passover some 1970 years ago, he died for our sins.
The special thing is that he was probably lynched on a Wednesday.

I originally wrote a detailed treatise on this, but then I reconsidered. To be honest, I don't see much interest in the matter, when the various churches have not bothered with it for near 2000 years, even though it's right there in the book. And most of you probably are not even Christians.

I may have mentioned this before, but a study printed some years ago by the Norwegian paper Aftenposten showed that there was one and only one other factor that correlated with Bible reading in Norway. Namely, Bible reading was inversely proportional with gross income. The more people earned, the less likely they were to open the book. All other differences, such as age and gender, turned out to be just instances of the above. Women, students and the elderly have lower income, and are also more likely to read the Bible.

Given that Internet is a middle-class and above phenomenon as of yet, I take it that very few of you are interested in Christian topics. I don't know if similar attitudes exist in the USA: It seems that everybody and their presidents are waving Bibles around there. But sadly it seems that most of my readers are Norwegian these days.

This evening, my psychosomatic conscience is pressing me. This usually means that I've been persevering in some kind of folly, usually talking about things I am not qualified to talk about. This could be other people, or occasionally some abstract matter. Sometimes it will happen if I try too hard to deceive myself in some manner. The symptoms is a feeling of pressure around my chest, very easy to recognize. Since I have not talked to anyone today, it's probably something I've written on UseNet. Could be something else, I guess. It's a kind of neurosis, I'd say; but a rather useful one, since it makes me stop and rethink where I'm going. I guess this could be a good Friday for that.

The moon has recently been full, judging from its appearance. I guess that explains why I have been particularly horny of late. Or perhaps particularly hairy. Whatever makes you want to take your clothes off and run around howling in the woods. ;)
Well, actually it wasn't quite that bad. But somewhat distracting. I see I haven't yet published my inquiries into the nature and causes of male horniness. Perhaps someday later. But I notice that the moon is one suspect. There is a certain fascination in pulling the curtains aside at night and let the silver light of the moon run along one's body like a cold breath on hot hairy skin. Oh well. Let's not get ... carried away ... by a moonlight shadow..

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