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Sunday 29 September 2002

Screenshot DAoC

Pic of the day: Actually, this day is in Midgard, Dark Age of Camelot - not that you would notice the difference from Norway unless I told you, I think. (Perhaps if the troll was a bit closer.)

Oops, day gone

I like totally spent my day in Midgard, first leveling my Troll Cave Shaman, then starting a Troll alt and leveling it till 5 so I could be a Troll Skald. It was great fun, not least because of my guild and alliance chats which have a lot of funny banter. Also, trolls are inherently funny.

Observation: In Midgard, you don't get sympathy and gold by rolling a pretty Norse woman, but a sad Troll. My two sad looking Trolls have both got spontaneous and generous gifts of gold from strangers, and people beg me to group with them. I'm not sure if the Troll appeal extends to nookie, as the game is very prudish (and so am I, you know). But a strange reversal it was. When I was young, pretty girls always got stuff for free. They still do, in the real world. Or perhaps that's just from me. ^_^

On a related note, I napped briefly and dreamt that Tsaiko and I were childhood friends. Too bad (for me at least), in waking life we did not even have our childhoods at the same time. I was grown up before she was born.

Later in the day I had another brief nap, and this time I dreamt that my best friend told me that she loves me (which she doesn't - that word is not used for friendship in Norwegian). I woke up from the sound of myself whispering "I love you too". Which I do - I don't think strictly in Norwegian, I guess.


The short of it is that I haven't written anything in the Chaos Node, and haven't made any comic today. Also, I spent most of the day without pants.

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