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Wednesday 8 October 2008

Pic of the day: This picture from the game Spore is part of a series, the previous is here.

Zooming forward

By now it is very obvious that we are in an arm of a spiral galaxy. It is also painfully obvious just how paltry is our little space empire. The colony flags are clustered together like a small patch of grass. Out here it is not even possible to see any of the stars I have claimed, or at least not so you can say for sure.

It is not quite obvious from this picture which way lies the galactic core, and no other spiral arms are visible. Going from here to there wouldn't be easy, as there is a huge gap inbetween with very few stars. There is a shortcut actually, with a certain add-on to your ship you can dive into a wormhole and emerge somewhere else in the galaxy. Unfortunately you cannot predict where, and unfortunately there is no way to mark the correct wormhole on the other side (except setting up a colony as close as you can). It is quite easy to get lost that way.

I frankly still have no idea how to get to the center of the galaxy without getting shot down by the Grox. There is probably some way, but I am not sure it is worth it. It is more fun terraforming planets. Although in a perspective like this, it may not make much of a difference.

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