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Thursday 2 October 2008

Screenshot anime Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Pic of the day: Life is fun because I am the main character!

Short: More commute magic

I went to the bus stop a few minutes early. I waited until fifteen minutes past the time. Then I said to the voice in my head: "The only thing that works now is to walk away slowly." So I walked away very slowly without looking back. Then suddenly I turned around, and there was the bus. Magic! It is like umbrella and rain.

There was a black woman with a child who came running so the bus could not drive off without me. I sprinted back to the bus stop before they were on board. It took a longer way to the city, but I still was less than half an hour delayed.

I have no idea why they came running for the bus at a time when no bus was to be expected. But if you think angels are hard to see when they are invisible, try when they are in disguise.

More adventures of the main character as they happen! You should try it - rumor has it that everyone is the main character of their own life. Do something main character-like and see what happens! (Unless, of course, your life is a tragedy.)

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