Monday 29 November 1999


Pic of the day: View from the cliffs just outside the house. It's actually a pretty sheer drop from those cliffs down into the valley, so it is not a smart place to jump around. The view is quite beautiful some days, though.


OK, today doesn't seem so bad. My digestion is a bit upset again - enough so that I hesitate to take the commuter bus without diapers - so I had to call a sick day again. But so far people seem to stay alive at least. And that is good. Life is good, for the most part. I guess in this part of life, "life is good" is my default state. I read in a good book that there may come days later about which I will say that I take no pleasure from them, or some such. Hopefully that is way way off in the future. Then again the same book was right to the letter in another prediction, in the same chapter in fact. "There's no end to the writing of books" it said, and that's for sure. I still grapple with that. And after much research my body grows weary. Luckily my double-sized bed is there waiting just for me.


I suddenly found an old zip drive with my midi files from the old computer, and cheerfully copied it over to the portable. I've wondered where they were. Right now I'm playing "Circle of life".


In notable national news, the gang of four accused of a triple killing are finally let out of jail, after around one year behind bars. They may or may not be guilty, but the way they've been held in solitary confinement for over 5 months would make weaker people confess regardless of guilt, I'd say. Most humans suffer terribly to their mind if socially isolated. In some stone-age cultures people were sentenced to death that way. The tribe would simply act as if they were dead, and pretty soon it would happen. (I guess this could also be used by the journalling community, if worst came to worst.)


There's still a sizable number of hits from some Russian domain on my site. I have not the faintest idea why, and I really wonder if some of the words I use have a different meaning in Russian ...:)

OK, off to the IRC channel and see if Amanda and the gang are there. May you all be well.

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