Wednesday 24 November 1999

Bathroom floor

Pic of the day: I'm about to be without a shower for more than a week. The place is under repairs. Right now it's being glued, then it will be coated with water resistant silicone, probably at Saturday or Monday, after which it will have to be left alone for about a week. Now luckily this is in the cold time of the year, but still.

The bathroom wasn't exactly in perfect condition when I came, ca 10 years ago, so it should hardly come as a surprise to the landlord that it's breaking down all over. The living room will need some renovation at some point too, but hopefully this will not be right now.


Today I accidentally deleted several chapters of the novel I'm writing. I forgot that I had American keyboard enabled, not Norwegian, and wrote one character wrong. Gone. Of course I had no backup; I was still writing the thing. Oh well. It's not like I would ever publish it or anything. Perhaps I should let it rest a bit and see if it develops differently with the rewriting. The chapters I still have are from before the lead female character broke up with the male Main Character. He need not have been so showy about the whole thing, and she might not have done that. I really had not expected him to do the money thing! Oh well. If I rewrite it now, it will probably just be the same. Perhaps I should allow them some time to cool off.


They've been changing decorations in the shop windows for Christmas. (The ones who did not do so the days it snowed.) It is mild today, though not warm, but I could easily go without anything on my head and not freeze. Well, I do have a bit of hair, but nothing more than that. Anyway, the changing of shop windows prompted me to write a lengthy essay on the rear scare, which I think I have finally found out. The solution is striking and unusual: It was the glass all along. I meant to post it today, but decided to let it rest overnight. I think it reveals more than usual about me, and not just me. There are memories so old that I am not even sure they are true.


For these and other reasons (napping, toilet scrubbing) this entry will be comparatively short. It's fast approaching midnight already. Had to run to catch bus home from town (late) so no chocolate today either! But lots of yoghurt. Yumm.

Song stuck in my head from morning: "De umulige" (The impossible ones) with Sigvart Dagsland. I'm not sure if he wrote it or just sung it. It's been years and years and I cannot find the cassette, much less its cover.

Still no e-mail from Superwoman.

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