Sunday 1 Noremember 1998

Bad hair day

Pic of the day: Even males must wash their hair sometimes. The fun is in drying it.
Anyway, a quiet uneventful day in the Chaos Node. Been doing some of the usual sunday things: Playing games, cooking pasta, eating all available chocolate.
Before the weekend I got the Internet/phone bill. For the first time in a long long time it was actually quite moderate. Looks like it was a good idea quitting ICQ and online games. Well, almost. I may still be found online occasionally, but it is now very rare. Can't guarantee how long this will last, though. I may just decide to celebrate my record low bill by making a big online splash. :)
Talking about ICQ and the ilk, I may as well compromise my image further by admitting to having bookmarked the decorative poetry pages of Sohphine. I think this is beautiful stuff, tasteful and heartwarming. Of course, I am me and not an average of my readers (if any), so feel free to check it for yourself. :) (Warning: These pages are MUCH more graphics intensive than mine. Some patience required.)

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