Coded green.

Monday 28 November 2005

Screenshot Sims2

Pic of the day: Yes, I've been playing Sims2 again. This is Allan's Greenspawn, the second generation green baby.

Fast forward

I've given up on the novel. I've been de-icing my fridge. Incredible how much water can get bound up in those things. An online acquaintance pointed out that there was probably a leak in the sealing of the door in that case, and he was right. Too bad. I don't know any way of fixing that. But in the winter, some extra running of the fridge will just help heating the place. That's particularly useful after I move, I guess, since there are not heating cables in the floor like I'm used to.

I guess it really is an inferior place after all. But at least the price is fixed at its current moderate level for two and a half year. Who knows who I will be then, even if I'm here. There. You know what I mean, in this world.

I'm making illustrated stories about my Sims these days. They are found over at my livejournal. Perhaps I should take some of them here so I look more productive.

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