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Sunday 20 November 2005

Screenshot Sims2

Pic of the day: The backside is back!

Simulated butts revisited

In honor of my 3 years ago entry, it is my pleasure to inform y'all that with the Night Life expansion for The Sims 2, our simulated friends have finally once again the option of lovingly caressing each other's backside. (Adult Sims only.)

In the original Sims, a variant of kissing included running a hand all over each other's behind. This practice was missing in Sims 2, although there was a flirt option called "goose" which seemed to be a kind of hasty grab. It was a kind of basis level flirting, available even for the poor Sims who didn't grow up well and had their social options stunted as a result. At times it might still be better than nothing, but sometimes it was worse.

But despair not: With the new expansion, there is an extended Slow Dance interaction, where your Sims can once again (or twice, if you think that is better) fill their hands with their beloved's buttocks. (See illustration above.) The procedure is to first choose Slow Dance, then click on the partner again and select Lower Hands. Not entirely the same as the original, but pretty close functionally. Except it no longer has a chance of spontaneously causing babies to appear in the room.

There is no option to interact with breasts this time either. I am not sure if that is because the Bible explicitly warns against embracing the breasts of strange women (and you don't get them much stranger than these) or whether it is a matter of sexual equality. Breasts are not created equal, as you know. Neither are butts normally, but at least everyone has them to some extent.

Yes, Sims of the same sex can fall in love and do the whole range of sensual and romantic things together. But where is the fun in that?

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