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Friday 11 November 2005

Screenshot anime Mahoraba

Pic of the day: "Oh, it's the grown-up thing!" (And don't get any sick ideas, she is just watching some kissy stuff.)

Decency OR writing

The somewhat sad truth is that I can't have both. If I want to write fast, and not about games, it will have to be about indecency. Not like actual sex scenes, of course. Where would I get those from anyway? More like pointless interest in breasts, butts, ears and tails (depending on the species of the supporting cast).

Perhaps it is the horrible price that the demons extract to help me write. Or perhaps it is just that I write what I like to read, and I like to read Piers Anthony stuff. Puns, magic gone weird, and pointless nudity or semi-nudity and other flesh-affirming everyday events. (And don't take that "firming" out of context, people. It isn't like that, as if you need to know anyway.)

So I don't recommend my book for Smith's Friends or even Jehovah's Witnesses, may they live forever on a greatly improved Earth. It is surely too sexy for them. But on the other hand, they can have actual real sex. All they need to do is marry some willing victim, who probably also wants to have actual real sex. I can't, for several good reasons. Perhaps it is this distance that makes me enjoy the sexual humor as humor rather than as sex. It is all fun and games.

Anyway, with that said, the writing on the new novel is moving forward. I try not to kill off my wrist and throat. My throat is just starting to get raw, though not as bad as last November. Then again, we are still not halfway.

Due to a bug in my current (beta-test) version of OpenOffice, only available in .pdf format yet. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, though it may already be on your machine.) Here: In Hoc Signo. The chapter titles are also bookmarks. Go go OpenOffice! (This document is updated whenever I update it, and does not reflect the state of the document at the date of this journal entry.)

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