Saturday 29 May 1999

Climbing in through a window

Pic of the day: Hey, I could need a hand here!

When you see a picture like this, it's a pretty good bet that this won't be one of those overly philosophical journals about war, unrequited love and the human condition. (BTW, despite being somewhat literate by now, I can't say for sure that I've seen anything other than love being described as unrequited.)

As I had no honest work to do, I tested if I could still manage to break in through a window if my door was locked. Despite my recent habit of eating cakes for breakfast, I eventually managed to slither in. Of course, I skinned my elbow and almost sprained my wrist, but that doesn't overshadow the great feeling of accomplishment, not to mention a decent rear view for the benefit of my two known female readers. (The "do unto others" principle, of course.)

I'm afraid this principle is rather narrowly defined along gender lines in this case. Not that this should be much of a problem. Contrary to urban legend, I have on good authority that gays are mainly excited by a deep, powerful chest, broad shoulders and muscular arms. Trust me, you are not going to see much of that around here. (And if any of my female readers, new or old, exhibit those traits, I'm in no haste to have it documented by a JPG either. With the possible exception of the deep chest thing. And I'm not sure that would be good for my health either. Or at least for my sleep.)

Actually, I've found that the Bible has at times dire warnings about women's breasts (and particularly unknown women) but there seems to be no restrictions on the behinds. This ought to be ... encouraging news to Bible literalists everywhere. Though I once saw a somewhat pietist youth magazine recommend young men to not touch women in any place where they usually have underwear. This, of course, assumes that you have had a reasonably ... broad sample show you where they have underwear. I guess they forgot that. It may have been obvious to the writer. :)

In other news, the neighbor's longhair cat ran off before I could get a portrait photo. Not to mention ask for a pawtograph. Too bad, it had that very cat-o-lick look today. Being found near the songbirds' nest might have something to do with its wariness...

In short, it's been a pretty much purrfect day. And the unbelievable thing is that I'm not in the slightest drunk. I'm actually like this when I'm sober, if I want to. You can only imagine how much money I save on this. Yay!

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