Tuesday 11 May 1999


Pic of the day was taken after I came home.

Starting this 23:18 and I'm at work. The train back from Oslo was delayed on the last leg to Kristiansand, and so I missed the bus that would normally have taken me home. Instead I went here and emptied my bag of business related papers which I dragged with me from the meeting, and started on my diary.

The seats on the night train were of the old harsh type, so sleep was very limited. I did fall asleep during the meeting, but only a few minutes. "Power nap", isn't that the jargon? On the bright side, the seats on the trip back were delicious and I had a double seat for myself, snoozing most of the way. I'm still a bit tired, though, all taken together. I wonder if I'll get the after-travel sickness syndrome this time? I use to have it after a long weekend in Oslo, but I'm not so sure about a one-day trip.

OK, I'm home, essentially unharmed but quite thirsty. Just drank the rest of the milk, am about to start on the bottled water. Being as it's soon 1 in the night and I'm pretty tired too, I think I shall not take up any favorite rant today.

For some reason, I liked my diary better with this light grey background color. It looks more ... factual, sort of. And more dedicated, as if I've considered to use a background but decided against it, rather than just plain don't know it is possible. Be aware, though, that if you have a good browser you can set your own background colors, fonts etc. Net publishing is not like book publishing: The publisher decides the content but only partially the presentation.

As if you didn't know already...

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