Saturday 1 May 1999

Spring road

Pic of the day: The path to spring.

It's funny: I kept writing yesterday about how this would be the big holiday of the socialists and such, but I had forgotten that of course the shops would be closed. The non-socialists generally work in their garden this day, in shabby clothes, making it very obvious that they are NOT showing any reverence or respect whatsoever for the 1st of May.

In fact, the sound of gardening outside was probably what woke me up a bit after 9. For a while, I just lay there half conscious listening to the clicking sounds outside and hiding from the too bright daylight. It was brighter than usual because I had pulled the curtains aside in the night to enjoy the moonlight, which was unusually clear this night.

Since the prospects of shopping suddenly dropped to the floor and crashed, I took instead a tour with my digicam and shot some more spring pictures. Spring is a rather photogenic season, though fall is even more so and my favorite. Anyway, I got a week's worth of green leaves and blue sky and stuff, in case the demand for my saintly visage remains low. Feel free to mail me with your opinion on the choice of pictures. I may not heed it, but I will consider it, and I absolutely love attention. :)
Scary but true: As a school kid, I liked coming to the blackboard. Then everybody would stare at me. That's quite a rush. I love to perform in public. At least when I do something I can.

After my usual pasta Saturdinner, I played with the computer a bit but fell asleep in my chair. I woke up, crawled to bed and slept for an hour or two more - not sure quite how long, but a while. After that, I went back to the living room and curled up in the sunshine. It sure feels good to have the day off.

Also finally got a couple e-mails again. For some reason it's been days and days since last time. I was starting to wonder. I love e-mail, except for spam of course. I tend to reply to every non-commercial mail I get, if there is anything to say at all (and sometimes even if not). Since I love attention, I assume that other people do, too. Do unto others etc.

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