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Wednesday 9 May 2001

Spring leaves

Pic of the day: Spring is in the air, and what do I do about it?

I am lazy

But you and me
all we want to be
is lazy ...

Suede, Lazy, from the CD Coming Up

I heard that song (and Trash too) together with my best friend a long time ago. Probably when it was fairly new. I found the lyrics quite fitting. If not for my friendess, then certainly for me. I later went and bought the CD, but I only liked those two tracks. This has happened with me now and then: I hear some song together with my friend and later I buy it. Generally those are CDs with 1 or 2 good tracks, so it is a poor investment. But I do it anyway. Or did, at least.


Today, instead of writing a deep journal entry, I daydreamed about my friendess. Nothing worthy of Playboy, I assure you. (Yes, I have read Playboy. I was like 14 at the time and my big brother had brought some home. It was sort of enlightening at the time. Later I found that a playboy is a man who by no virtue of his own comes into money and uses it to live out his daydreams by bribing others. Feh.) My daydreams were hardly even suited for Romantikk, the Norwegian magazine for romantic teen girls. I think it is still out there, even though I remember it from my childhood. It is probably much more adult now, but back then there was lots of the "boy meets girl, girl is shy, something happens, romance ensues". Sadly I have forgotten exactly how the romance part came about, there was certainly a formula to it. Perhaps she tripped over his legs. I hear that sometimes makes boys notice a girl.

Anyway, I don't think my daydreams would even make it as far as Romantikk (yes, it means Romance in Norwegian). I'm now at, like, chapter 161 of this particular daydream and we're like talking about Acid Reflux while she counts the heartbeat in my wrist. Well, what can I say? It's less cynical than the stuff I normally throw around.


If it's all the same by you, I think I'll just call it a day. I made a promise to myself not to spend this month too writing filler entries where I continue after I have nothing more to write. There was enough of that last month.

I refer you to Deconstructing Destiny for your further complicated reading needs. As you can guess from the title, this site is scaringly similar to mine. (Only prettier. Much.) A heart of fire and a mind of cold steel ... or was it the other way around? Anyway, it is rather confusing if you are not already like that, I suppose.

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