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Tuesday 25 March 2003

Screenshot DAoC

Pic of the day: Rats in caves. (Although they are rather big and called "demoniac familiar". Still, rats.)

Hiding in a cave

Today I am feeling unfocused. I did not sleep quite enough this night, which is really a shame when I am reasonably healthy and don't have children. My hand still hurts, and I have still not grown used to dictating my thoughts again. So even if I had some deep thoughts, I would be hard pressed to express them. Fortunately, they aren't even there.

I burned a stack of CDs to make room on my hard disk. I chatted with the woman who loves this guy who is similar to me. I don't think I was very responsive. I don't feel chatty today. Instead I feel like playing Dark Age of Camelot. And not in a group either. Instead I went on a two hour rat killing spree in Darkness Falls. Green and blue rats, dozens of them. Kill, kill, kill! Killing rats in caves, that's how I feel today.

On the bright side, playing Dark Age of Camelot does not hurt my hand. Unlike Morrowind, where you have to click every time you swing your sword, DAoC lets you just select an opponent and start battle. (Actually you can only do this if you're pretty sure to win... in a pitched battle you will need to press several keys to perform styles or magic actions.) Farming small monsters in DAoC is almost like not using your hand at all.


I have been thinking, of course. I have been thinking about my latest story arc. There is a half ripe short story again; a very short story, drifting around in my head. It is called "goodbyes", and is about someone who arrives so rarely and leaves so often. Perhaps if I took a long walk, the Muses in my head would tell me all of it. But I am too tired and lazy for that today. Besides, when I am walking, I keep thinking about Go. But when I come home, I realize that I am not good enough to ask this guy to play against me. I keep losing to the computer even with two stones handicap on a 9 by 9 board. Of course, I used to lose with four stones... or was that five? But it is still frustrating. I am such a newbie!

And I have been thinking about a different meaning of the commandment in Genesis 2: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and stick with his wife; and they shall be one flesh." Now, this may seem like a very strange text for me to, eh, espouse or something. But there is a deeper meaning. Actually, there are two deeper meanings, and one of them is well-known in Christianity. (As well it should be, since the apostle Paul explains it in one of his letters.) The other meaning is not specifically Christian, it is more about psychology and enlightenment, that kind of stuff.

But somehow I can't imagine just sticking a few words about such a topic at the end of an entry about slaughtering rats in imaginary caves. Oh well. At least I got the leaving part right! Or "goodbyes".

Speaking of which, goodnight.

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