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Wednesday 27 March 2002

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Pic of the day: Musical magic, from Dark Age of Camelot.

Songs of the heart divine

Through the long hot days and the summer nights,
he was always by her side;
just a boy and girl in an innocent world, before the Flanders tide.
When the autumn leaves had turned to gold,
she would have her wedding day,
and the people sang like an angel choir,
and everybody said that this was

Love of a different world,
love of the life,
love of the ancient ones,
love of the heart divine.

Chris de Burgh, Love of the Heart Divine.

Yeah, it's kind of cute. But come on. There are lots of people who fall in love and get all gooey. My old friend comes to mind; she was like 30 and then she fell in love with this guy and acted like a complete teenager. Hmm. I guess some people never are blown away by love, but it seems quite common. I guess some just sleep around until they find someone that fits, but that is considered rather pathetic. Romance is the way it's supposed to be. I can't see that being "of a different world" by any decent use of the English language.

Now, if you keep loving someone without ever getting any - and I'm excluding your kids here - now, that's love of a different world. This is where people will reasonably ask: What planet do YOU live on?


A woman's heart is filled with passion,
a woman's heart is filled with lust.
If you don't believe that these things happen,
could be the biggest mistake that a man can make.

Chris de Burgh, A woman's heart.

Sure thing. Reminds me: Why are there so many songs about love, and so few about food? I think it safe to say that most of us make food a lot more often. I can imagine a great market for chocolate songs. And ice cream. Chocolate ice cream! Now, that would bring out the passion in the female populace, I bet. But nah, it's a man's world out there. And we approach our temptations differently. Women buy slim shakes; men buy Viagra.

(Incidentally, recent research show that men it their 40es suffer less from sexual dysfunction than the younger ones. I'm sure it will taper off when we reach 50, though. At least if we don't encourage it. Please please please. 0_0*)


She is the morning sun,
she's the one,
bringing me back
the boy inside,
my lover in the night...
My lover is the light...
My lover has it right...
My lover is my life.

Chris de Burgh, My lover is.

Why not go all the way and replace "lover" with Goddess? Talk about high expectations here. Not even my incredible friend the SuperWoman could live up to that; and she is all that guys imagine when they're infatuated, and then some. (Well, possible exception for certain things that I can't know anything about and don't want to think about, but I doubt it.) But she sure isn't the light. I have seen the light, and she isn't it. Sorry, but there are churches and temples and stuff if you need to worship.


And now for some realism:

Four in the morning and I just can't sleep;
I've got a craving now for something sweet.
So I head off for my local all-night supermarket,
when I get there, it's deserted;

And now I'm standing at the chocolate shelf,
under the sign that says, "Help Yourself":
If you really gotta have it,
then we really gotta sell it to ya,
this is for people who say....

I want it and I want it now!
I want it and I just can't wait!
I want it and I want it now.
I want it and I will not wait......

Chris de Burgh, I want it (and I want it now).

Now that's what I call social realism! Yeah, baby! Woo hoo! Chocolate! Ahem. Got a bit carried away there. But it is a fun, sarcastic song. Really refreshing after all the artificial sweetener ... That's what I love about de Burgh: He is not (contrary to what you would believe from broadcasting) a one-trick pony. Though he is particularly adept in one trick, I'll give you that.

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