Coded green.

Tuesday 19 March 2002


Pic of the day: This picture was meant to show that I had washed and fluffed my hair. Instead it depicts how the darkness surrounds me and blots out everything.


I'm not motivated to write much right now. Hand hurts, and if it didn't, I would rather write on my fiction. No great events to speak of, that I know. There may be some in the world, but I have closed the world out today.

"Legend of the Dead God" may be my most controversial chapter ever, and I want to take great care that it cannot be misunderstood without supernatural aid.


Got a dentist appointment for Thursday. I don't look forward to it. During the last year, my teeth have started to fall apart. As have many other minor things in my life. I find that I care less and less about more and more. I guess that is natural for this part of my life.

Trying to write when I have no mind for it is a waste not just of my time (lots of it) but yours too. See you later, I hope.

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