Thursday 17 June 1999


Pic of the day: Beautiful south coast. This morning as I walked to the bus, a light rain wet the road and the air was full of the smell of pollen and tarmac. I love the smell of tarmac in the morning. Anyway, as I returned home in the evening, the sun shone brightly. The south coast is beautiful in summer, don't you think?

Not that Norway's west coast isn't wonderful too, but you are far less likely to catch it in sunshine. When you do, though, it is postcard scenery almost everywhere. The blue fjords, the steep mountains rising out of the sea ... the very things that makes it hard to live there, attract foreign tourists in droves. The Germans tend to fall into rivers and drown, or slide down into the glaciers and die horribly. It's not like we've forgotten 1940, but really, they do this by themselves. I'm not sure if that counts as bad PR or good PR down there, it does not seem to deter new urban professionals from trying next year.
Here on the south coast, the Germans rent small boats and set off to sea when there's a storm coming, and drown.

I think I will refrain from further comments along those lines for today. It is not like I've forgotten 1940 - hard to do since I wasn't even born in 1940 - but according to my source in Munich, Germans are people too... And I rarely ever doubt that source.

Oh, and I've submitted an application for membership in the Open Pages web ring. As of right now, I'm in the queue, so some functions on my Open Pages navigation strip will not work. (Those who jump to the next/previous sites will need me to be linked into the ring first.) Open Pages is a rather generic and tolerant ring, should be a safe bet for a first try. Later I may try to sneak into the non-pussies burb, for which I should be well qualified on most counts...

Snack of the night: CRISPY ONION flatbread with (you guessed it) onion flavor. Good with a dash pepperoni cheese on if you have anything to drink. In fact, it is so delicious that I'm looking forward to getting ... not hungry, but non-stuffed again. For now, though, it's bedtime. Goodnight, world!

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