Monday 14 June 1999

Portrait w/chocolate

Pic of the day: I never said that being single was only joy and happiness (well, I may have said it, but if so I didn't mean it). But on one of the bright sides, your chocolate remains whole until you yourself open it. It is not surprisingly disappeared or severely diminished, and you are not told that it is for your own best and that you really could need a diet. (Chocolate, by the way, is quite healthy in moderate amounts. But it does not offer much in the way of potassium. Milk is a reasonable source, though. And I almost always like milk with my chocolate. Lots of milk.)

Today I've been playing Settlers III and worked on my web site. I'm preparing the final transition from "hi, I'm on the web" standard homepage to Web Journal. Given that probably more than 95% of what goes up is web journal stuff, I think it's time to make the quantum leap. Most of the old stuff will still be there, but not on page 1. There will not be a FAQ, because there are no frequently asked questions, but there will be a FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions) and it will presumably grow as you continue to not ask.

I didn't get the new front page finished today, so there's no need to go look (unless you want to notice the difference when the new one comes up). And I haven't even started making the Chaos Picture that will stand in the centre of it. I wish I had a decent monitor for that one task. Colors just don't look the same on a LCD. Nor do they look the same in black, green and blue as in red, green and blue. But I bet this ten year old monitor is good for a few more years! :)

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