Saturday 12 June 1999


Pic of the day: Ruffles, the white Persian electronic Catz. With a new computer come new petz. This one is extremely food-focused. He'll eat anything in sight, then sit down mewling loudly until I look in at him, then run around with the food bowl. If I'm not there, he'll take food out of the virtual shelves and eat it all. If I refill the bowl, he'll eat till he lies panting. My only regret in this matter is that they didn't have oversized black ninja cats like the ones GabGab has in her apartment. Of course, this requires that they code it to turn on the portable early in the morning and start rummaging... Should be possible.

Oh yeah, and clicking on the picture will take you to the Petz homepage. Muahahaha! Did it AGAIN!

Slept till 10 today, and dreamt a lot, most of it forgotten. I remember fairly clearly, though, that I was standing outside a large building, perhaps the office building where I work. It was certainly similar. A rope was hanging down, and snails were crawling on it. After a while, there was only one snail left, and it was big, like a small snake. It had obviously eaten the other snails, and now it reached down on the ground a few cm below and tried to grab a discarded strip of black tyre rubber. It soon found that this was not an edible snail, though, and gave up its attempt.

(Those snails really have made an impression on me, obviously. Then again, I doubt I've ever seen such hordes of snails as this summer.)

The second dream sequence I remember, I was on a boarding school (or rather boarding college, if such a thing exists, judging from the age of the students). I was walking across a wide open forum where there were scattered small groups of students, and I had no trousers on and my briefs were in my right hand. At least I had the decency to hold them in front of my genitals while I crossed the open space, towards the dorm where I lived. Apart from that, I tried to look as casual as possible, so as not to attract too much notice.

In real life (such as it is) I spent the afternoon playing Destiny. It is actually pretty good, if you don't mind micromanagement and if you have a cursor control that doesn't hurt your wrist. There are several design flaws, though. Worst, it does not adhere to Windows standard for controlling inner windows, and the game has lots of them. When you open, switch between and close many dozen windows during a play session, you really wish you could use the standard controls. Still, it is no doubt the most realistic alternate history strategy game out there. A shame too. Perhaps Civilization III will be better - I hear they've hired in the original creators of the Civilization computer game, Sid Meier and his friends from the original MPS, now Firaxis. Sort of peculiar, since Firaxis recently launched a competitor/sequel to Civilization, Alpha Centauri. I haven't bought it yet, even though it might run on the portable. I doubt it would be easily playable without a new monitor, though.

Apart from eating, shopping, and playing, I've also been thinking. Well, and eating antioxidants, but that's a given. As for the thinking, I wonder if it doesn't deserve its own Approximate Truth. I've been thinking about body and soul, and concluded so far that there is no way to say for certain whether one or the other exists, they are for non-theological purposes the same entity seen from different angles. With the new discovery that humans actually can generate new brain cells all life, we should be even more interested in how our soul shapes our body, don't you think?

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