Tuesday 1 June 1999

Comic book

Pic of the day: This is it, people. (Except for the white spot which is an artifact of the lighting.) Look, if you decide to read one and only one comic book, this is the one. At least if you're a man, woman or girl. Me, I usually stick with superhero comics (I like to be able to identify with the characters, you know) but this is GOOD!
I mean, really, it feels good. Oh, yes, yes... so good ... Anyway, the actual comic is in black and white, but it's meant to be that way, it's not just cheap. The subtle expressions in people's faces and body language. (Not to mention when the picture on the front of a T-shirt changes at least twice during one conversation...)
And the storytelling. Storytelling isn't usually the main thing in a comic book now a days. But this one really has me rooting for the next issue, even though it does not end in the middle of a battle with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. Except possibly the fate of the main characters' personal universes.
Well, perhaps it's just me and my unique body chemistry. But at least you could probably make a visit to Strangers In Paradise - it can't be much worse than this fawning praise from a less than perfect stranger.

Apart from that, your average day. Looking in shop windows, working, looking in shop windows, eating lunch, working, looking in shop windows, timidly asking for prices on portable PC's. That kind of things. Can you imagine the cheapest portable in the cheap shop costed around $2000? (I've stopped quoting prices in Euro because, a: it's about the same as dollar, b: when this page hits the Diary Farm archive, the Euro will probably have slid even further down its slippery slope.)

Anyway, it's been a sunny, wonderful day. I even got a couple of e-mails. From friends. Not many thing could be better than that. Yay! I love friends, though I don't make friends easily. Or perhaps because of that. I love life too, though it did not come easy either. I still have the occasional "flashback" to the dark years. But mostly, it's all gravy. Like a paradise.

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