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Monday 24 January 2005

Screenshot Civ3

Pic of the day: Screnshot from the game Civilization III.

Death to the Arabs!

They had time enough to regret and beg for forgiveness. But instead they chose to write in large their true nature across the map. They took our forbearance for weakness and our politeness for fear. They went out of their way to attack us unexpectedly, far from their home and at a place where they had nothing to win, gaining only the perverse pleasure of pointless destruction.

Now that our armies are victorious, they talk about peace. But still as if it was their boon to grant. But it is too late for that. They have shown their true face. We will assemble an alliance from around the world and converge on their lands. We will eradicate their troops, seize their resources and occupy their cities. Their civilization has shown itself unworthy of its place in the world. A better one will take its place, under our wise rule. In time, the survivors will forget that they were ever Arabs. Then, and only then, will they be forgiven for their cowardly attack on the great and glorious Japanese empire.

Yes, I'm playing Civ3 again. It's great fun. The fact that a passing visitor to my site might not immediately realize me writing about a game, that's not fun at all.

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