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Saturday 3 January 2004

Screenshot The Sims

Pic of the day: It might be an image problem, of sorts. (Screenshot from The Sims.)

Forgettable day

Nothing special happened today. Either that or I have forgotten it, since I am now running almost a week late. The reason for this is entirely benign: I have been playing computer games to the exclusion of most anything except work, food and sleep. Well, sleep ... the exclusion of sleep was attempted but did not last.

I have bought a new expansion pack for Civ3 and a second account for DAoC. Both of these have kicked upward my interest in the games, and they have taken a pretty big bite out of early January. I suspect you will be seeing a lot of blue entries for a while. Sorry to all of you who are in it for the philosophy. But you never know when there may be some again.

I don't seem to be losing weight anymore. I lost a bit after I stopped eating meat and fat salads on my bread (eating jam instead). I guess I shall have to cut down on the cheese next. Or move about more, but I doubt that in this weather. (Sleet and such.) An hour a day should be enough. I'm not exactly fat as it is either, but I do have some extra and it's all in the worst place, on the guts. Having the same amount of fat on my hips and thighs would not have been a healt problem at all. (Of course, it might have been an image problem, of sorts.)

On a possibly related note, the moderate pain in my lower right side is returning after weeks of absence. It will prevail for at least some days. As a result of the agreement between the government and the Labor party (Social Demoncats) it now costs ca $12 to call your doctor. Not that this is a lot of money even to me, I just came to think of it because of the context. Incidentally, Labor is now paddling like mad to get out of the agreement.

New (to me) word of the day: Presenteeism. Needless to say, I hate not having invented it myself. (Actually I did, reverse engineering it from its Norwegian/Danish counterpart "Sykenærvær", but too late to get world fame with subsequent money and squealing clingy fangirls. Like that Kurt "World Idol" Nilsen guy.)

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