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Thursday 1 January 2004

Screenshot anime Bottle Fairy

Pic of the day: I could not resist this cute picture from inspirational anime Bottle Fairy. Isn't it cute?? On a related note, you know you have seen enough Bottle Fairy anime when you play a paladin in DAoC and you inadvertedly read "Bottle Fairy" when the text says "Battle Fury"...

Gamey new year!

For the first time since I started this journal, I think, I've not spent the days around New Year playing Civ2: Mars Now!. Instead, I've spent the time playing Civ3: Play the World. I guess that is a kind of progress.

If it is true that the first day of the new year decides the whole year, then the whole year will be spent playing computer games. That's not unlikely, I have already decided to buy the second expansion pack for Civ3 (Conquests) as soon as I come to town again. Mostly because it features agricultural and seafaring civilizations. Yay agriculture! OK, perhaps I'm a bit biased, being born a farmboy...

Also I will definitely buy another set of Dark Age of Camelot and the Shrouded Isles expansion pack, so that I can play two paladins at once. Their names will be Pallyboy and Pallybot respectively. ^.^ Pallybot will of course be a pure defensive Saracen, with all chants and shield. Pallyboy will be a Highlander with a two-handed sword. For great justice! Oops, wrong warcry...


And that's just the start. In February, The Sims 2 is out. I guess I will Wright ... er, wait until it comes to Norway rather than try to make a friend buy it in the USA and ship it by air mail. I am not that desperate. No, really. Would I lie to you? OK, but I still enjoy The Sims: Makin' Magic so I intend to play that until the Norwegian version of Sims2 is in the shops.

Then, sometime later in the year, there is City of Heroes. The massive multiplayer superhero game, in which you run around in brightly colored tights and bash evildoers with your super punch and bounce bullets off your chest. The bouncing bullets thing is kinda important to show that you're not gay despite running around in chromoluminiscent tights. You don't see many gays bouncing bullets off their chests in real life, so I guess that kinda proves it. Actually I haven't seen any gays running around in tights either. But you know you want to. Anyway, the superhero game. I will decidedly want someone to ship that from America the day it comes out, if I live that long and still have my eyesight and at least one hand. I'll pay handsomely for the service too. ^_^

And then ... well, that's pretty much it. With Civ3, Sims2 and CoH you basically have gamer's paradise. There is nothing more to wait for, until the 3D glasses and gaming gloves are perfected. But I have no memory of such a future, I am sorry to say.


So what about all the other stuff that I should also do? What about my novel for instance? I've spent all of December procrastinating, writing only one chapter (22) and a bit of the end of the story. The rest of the month has been spent playing computer games, and I've enjoyed that immensely too. I am sorely tempted to just keep doing that. Since I already know what will happen to the characters, why should I be bothered to write it all down? Well, there is always my faithful readers. All three of them. I guess I should think of them too.

Now, if you will excuse me, the Ottoman empire requires a good spanking...

Oh, and don't follow links you get in e-mails that claim to come from Ebay, American Express or whatever. These mails are from criminals who also need a good spanking. Don't say I did not warn you.

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