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Sunday 27 August 2006

Screenshot Sims2

Pic of the day: "What am I thinking? These kinds of things belong in marriage! In marriage!" Sometimes I amuse myself by trying to figure out what the random thought symbols of my Sims are supposed to mean. (Today's Sim is Tosha Go, university student, family Sim and engaged to the heir apparent of my financially troubled legacy. She also thinks quite a bit about babies.)

Fast forward

Yes, I am still playing The Sims 2 and City of Heroes. That is of course not the only thing I do. I make my own food and eat it, but less now than in spring. I recently noticed, my stomach capacity reached its peak in late spring / early summer. Then, I could eat half a liter (1/8 gallon) yogurt in one continuous meal, and not stop until it was clean. Now, I feel stuffed and unwell if I eat that much, but I'm OK if I stop after 4 deciliter. So my stomach capacity has gone down by 20% over the summer. A hint that I am fat enough, no doubt. My weight is increasing more slowly lately.

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