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Friday 25 August 2006

Screenshot anime Kage Kara Mamoru

Pic of the day: What shall I do? My journal is a WEEK late! (Screenshot from the anime Kage Kara Mamoru.)

Fast forward

My apologies, but once again my journal lags a week after my life. Not that life is much to write home about, I guess. I mean, not that it is bad, just not very exciting.

The heat waves of earlier this summer are definitely gone, but it is still a while before I'll need to turn on the heating. Actually, I could probably heat the home office with computers alone until quite a bit into fall. We shall have to see. I hope to be here to report to you about it.

Reading all my year-ago entries now takes about as much time as writing an entry used to. So I'm skimming a bit faster through some of them. This means I won't catch as many errors as I used to. It is pretty enlightening to realize that I can still find errors, spelling mostly, after 7 or 8 years. So I wasn't perfect after all!

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