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Thursday 10 August 2006

Screenshot anime Girls Bravo

Pic of the day: Since I did not bring my camera, I shall have to settle for some other food and virginity related picture, such as this from the anime Girls Bravo (the TV version).

Salad bar virginity

There must be a first time for everything. Except that actually, a lot of things never happen at all. I should know... But today was a first time for me. For the first time, after breathing the air of this planet for 47 years, I made my own salad from the salad bar in the supermarket! Go me!

I had been lurking around the salad bar for a couple mornings. On my way from the commute to my workplace I usually make a visit to the supermarket and buy a second breakfast or an early lunch. Mostly this has been dairy products such as yogurt or chocolate pudding. But lately my eyes have been drawn to the cool salad bar where young women from time to time stop and make their own salad. Now that I think about it, I have never seen a man do that. But then again, the married men probably have to eat vegetables at home, and the unmarried men tend to die young anyway, hardly a good example to follow! And if I keep putting on more weight now, I am going to look pregnant anyway.

So on this Thursday, on my way to work, I stopped by the salad bar and filled a small clear plastic container with tasty and mostly healthy stuff. Lots of maize (probably called corn by my American friends), a little pasta,a pinch of grated cheese, raw cucumber, feta cheese cubes, and quite possibly one or two more things that I have forgotten. I'm going to try the boiled sliced eggs tomorrow, and the paprika on Monday. I did not add dressing or any other fat except the olive oil that followed the feta cheese. (For some reason, this cheese is stored in olive oil.)

It tasted every bit as good as I had expected. It may be more expensive than yogurt, but it really satisfies. I enjoyed having something to chew on for a change, and the taste was certainly different. Now that I don't visit Those Girls any more, there is not much salad in my everyday life. I am just stating this as a fact, you know.

My stomach grew hungry again only a few hours later, but the rest of me did not. It was a strange feeling. My stomach was working vigorously, but I felt like I could not have eaten even half a sandwich. I did eat a cup of yogurt now and then, but I felt strangely full all day and into the night.

I will have to drop the salad if I plan to eat dinner when I come home. Which I will do one of these days, really. Not just ice cream, but my famous pasta dinner. (Well, famous among my regular readers, I would think.) During the heat wave that has lasted almost all summer, cooking and frying have been among the last things on my mind (except for the feeling of being cooked and fried myself). But the heat wave seems to have broken finally, and the last couple days have been chilly enough that I could wear a shirt indoors in the morning even with one computer running all night. So it may be time to think about dinner again soon. But not today. Today I am stuffed on rabbit food. And enjoying it.

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