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Monday 29 August 2005

Screenshot anime Damekko Doubutsu

Pic of the day: "My 'some day' is much further away than everyone else's 'some day'." From the children's anime Damekko Doubutsu (probably: Useless Animals). Anyway, my 'some day' getting DSL again keeps stepping back one day each day.

Telenor ADSL: The farce continues

Today was the day when the DSL techies should show up between noon and 4PM to look at my line. It is unclear why, since I have already checked my computer equipment, including trying another DSL modem exactly like the one that doesn't work. It displays the same system: A blinking DSL lamp. This is a typical symptom of problem at the phone central, or has been every time so far.

Be that as it may, I took a day off from work, and waited. Needless to say by now, they did not show up. They did not call. They did not message me. They did not in any way give any sign of life. An hour and a half later I called my ISP again. These guys are not actually employed by my ISP Telenor, but something called Eltel Networks. (Actually the logo on the paper they left is so faded, it looks like it says "notworks". Which would explain it, I guess.) Still, they work on behalf of Telenor, and so I called that number. They were utterly confused as to the absence and promised to tell their subcontractors to get in touch with me early tomorrow.

There is no reason to guess what will happen tomorrow. Or rather, not happen.


On the bright side, I totally caught up with my journal. On the dimmer side, I ate up all my yogurt, since I could not go to the shop.

I should probably not have gone out anyway, as my throat is the sorest it has been in months. It was sore yesterday, but even more so today. For most of the day I ate only C vitamin pills and throat lozenges of a vaguely medical persuasion. In the evening I started to get better. My eyes are also dry and slightly burning, which I think is related. Probably another virus then.

I also got several phone calls from work. I am not supposed to write about work. Then again, I was not at work. I was on vacation, and I am sure I am free to write whatever I want about my vacation.

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