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Tuesday 9 August 2005

Screenshot anime Bottle Fairy

Pic of the day: Hurry up! Hurry up! We're waiting for your diary here! (Actually, it's a random screenshot from the anime Bottle Fairy, coming soon to a country near you.

Fast forward

Once again my journal is lagging several days behind real life. (It was nearly a week for a while there.) Time to catch up. Much as I'd love to write something deep and meaningful every day, that's beyond me. Even if I were not repeating myself, my hand and arm are already worn out beyond full repair (although they are better than at the worst). Even my throat seems to never again revert to normal. It is as if some power is trying to isolate me. God, Devil, Fate or just my subconscious? Who knows. One day we will all be unable to communicate after all, so perhaps it is just a gentle decline toward that day. "We must speak all the words that should be spoken, before they are lost forever."

But perhaps I have spoken - or written - a pretty large part of those words by now. Even reading through my years-ago entries now take as long as writing one did in the beginning. And if I don't read them, I am likely to repeat myself. My subconscious takes great delight in making me repeat myself on the very same day of the year that I wrote the same thing before, just to show off its better memory. But memory isn't everything. There is a reason why you are sub and I am conscious, my dear!

Anyway, I'm exercizing less this week. My pulse was higher this weekend than the last, and now I am starting to hurt under my right foot, as if from a splinter, except there is no splinter there. I'll start again soon, but not quite yet. My weight is still sliding very slowly, it seems. It is not something you can see from day to day, as it depends on how much I eat and drink. But I don't think a couple days of rest will make much difference, as long as I don't start eating fat again.

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